Facility Expansion
Heyden is embarking on capcity ...
Our jetty in Ijora which is at the end of the channel about 300 meters from NOJ, this jetty that serves only us is 180 meters in length and is been currently dredged to 10.5 meters draft. ....More

In Heyden Petroleum Limited we consider HSE a priority because lives and the environment must be sustained in order to be successful. It is our utmost concern to creating a safe and healthy workplace for employees, customers, contractors/suppliers and most importantly the public. And as such, Heyden Safety First Policy is an all encompassing procedures of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). Management conducts regular safety tours of facilities, and sponsors and promotes health and safety programs to ensure that people and equipment are aligned. Also engages third party audits of its HSE performance periodically and implements recommendations arising from the audits.

Heyden Health, Safety and Environment Policy are guided by the following:

  • Have a systematic approach to HSE management and implement a Health, Safety and Environment Management System, which assures continual improvement in its HSE performance.
  • Comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and agreements it has entered into.
  • Set and measure targets for improvement and appraise and report performance.
  • Expects its staff to intervene if they believe an activity is unsafe or fails to meet appropriate environmental standards.
  • Require Contractors to align with Health, Safety and Environment in line with this policy.
  • Include Health, Safety and Environment performance in the appraisal of all staff and reward accordingly.
  • Use its influence to promote this policy with those with whom it does business. 

Risk Management

HPL manages risk at every aspect and level of its activities through proper structuring, execution and hedging of transactions from refinery to customers.

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